Xc2016 plans, stock



regarding xc 2016 - the c2750 atoms, they’re always unavailable “victims of its success”.
I’d like to rent 3 to create a prototype cluster setup and rent more later down the road.

Do you plan adopting or rather getting new machines with C3750? (nice 8 cores but 24W).
When do you plan to make more xc2016 available?





I am also interested in either a SC or XC server, so information would be welcomed.

Another question: Do you guys know if there is anything like a trial period for these servers? I wouldn’t bother paying one month but then there is set-up fee, which I am not willing to pay if I don’t like the server.


Hello matraca,

Go to Scaleway C2 if you want to test XC, there is no setup fee and you pay per hour.
C2L is on the same hardware as Dedibox XC with 32GB of RAM.


My concerns are more about the SC server, especially the CPU power.
I am currently using the VC1S - also 2 cores - but afaik they are shared, while the two cpu core of the SC would be dedicated.
Can I expect the same CPU power like the VC1S?


Scaleway C2 are “baremetal” servers = dedicated hardware with embedded RAM and CPU
=> full CPU power with the same CPU as Dedibox SC / XC

FYI Scaleway C1 are only VPS / virtual machines => shared CPU resources…


That is true for the XC but I don’t think it is true for the SC.

The XC has the 8-core Avoton, which is exactly the same as in the 8-core C2 baremetals.
However, the SC has a 2-core Avoton, where the C2 baremetals beginn with at least 4-cores.

Yes, a VPS has shared resources but even the smallest one on Scaleway has a satisfying performance for my use-case.
What I really wanted to know was, are the 2-cores in the SC as fast as the 2-cores of the VC1S VPS on Scaleway?