Wrote a unix script to automate backups


Just to let you know, I wrote a small utility in bash. It relies on curl to talk to the scaleway API.
Its role is to maintain backups remotely and automatically.

The documentation and the source code is here:
Feel free to comment or submit pull requests :slight_smile:

Backups are named like servername-keyword-index , where

  • servername is the name of your scaleway instance
  • keyword is whatever you want (better use alphanumeric)
  • index is an automatic number that gets incremented on each new backup
    Once done, the script destroys the previous backups that specifically match the given keyword .

It might help a few that struggle with the API (as I did for some of them):

  • list tour servers
  • list images of your servers
  • create a new image (and snapshots)
  • delete old images (and snapshots)



Thanks for sharing this script with us!