Wordpress 1-click Install only on C1 server



I noticed that I can only Install Wordpress 1-click Install on C1 servers, but not on C2 or VC1 as this image type is not supported.

Can you please let me know why C2 or VC1 servers are not supported ?

Also if I had a C1 wordpress Install, how many users / page views could this type of server serve?




Hi @Ash,

The WordPress InstantApp will be available on C2 and VC1 server in the coming weeks,



So at the moment if I setup a C1 server with an Wordpress Instant App, would I be able to update it to a C2 server later ?

Also how many hits per month can a C1 Wordpress adequately provide ?


Getting a high load rate out of WordPress is heavily dependent on using a cache engine.Also using say the CloudFlare free plan will allow you to support considerably more by having your static content delivered from their CDN. Using WP Super Cache, CloudFlare and a C2 you can handle hundreds to thousands of pages per second depending on exact configuration and website complexity etc. Using https will lower the limit but still higher than most will need. 100 per second is abut 250 million his a month! Without a content delivery network you should still be in the tens to hundreds per second if served from server cache.

My feeling is that C1s are a bit slow for all but the most basic static cached WordPress site. WordPress is a resource hog. But for some sites they’d be okay.

It’s relatively easy to migrate a WordPress install from a C1 to a C2 but it’s not quite a single click operation.


Thanks. For the site I had in mind I tend to get about 10,000 page views a day. So a C1 might work for the short term ?


Yes 10,000 a day shouldn’t be a problem for a C1 as long as they are mostly readers (the normal case). If you were trying to run a bulletin board/forum with WordPress bbPress and 10,000 logged in/known users (previous comment cookie set) all leaving comments or posting new entries then it would suck as they bypass the cache by default even when reading!


Thanks for your responses.

was going to get a C1 server up and going today but scaleway have ran out of stock. Is there an easy method of getting wordpress installed and running on a C2 server ? An InstantApp would of been great but I’m not sure why its not offered.



Currently the Wordpress InstantApp is only available for our C1 offers.
We are working on making it available for all our offers as soon as possible.

But you can install Wordpress easily on an Ubuntu instance. Here is a tutorial to do it: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/wordpress.html



The link you sent is for Wordpress Install. Do your Ubuntu instances come preinstalled with LAMP ? or would I need to install Apache and MySQL separately?




When you launch the installation of Wordpress on an Ubuntu Linux it will automatically install all required dependencies with it.
Our image is a basic installation that comes only with a SSH server preinstalled.