Windows OSes on Scaleway


Following this tutorial , I was able to install Windows Server 2016 on VC Servers (VC1L & VC1M). But I couldn’t do it on a C2L server.
I know Windows is not supported officially on Scaleway among others because their volumes are served through NBD. But if I would like to install it anyway, what would I do ? what does it imply ? Is there any tricks or advices you can suggest me to install a Windows OS on a baremetal server ?
If it’s really possible to do it, what kind of drivers (hard drive and network adapter) should I use for a windows disk image to work on a baremetal server ?



Many people tried it, but it’s impossible.
I think because the servers have no graphics memory.


it’s possible. You just don’t know how. if you are just doing test then keep trying you will find one day.

BUT Don’t use scaleway servers to host windows stuff please. as you can see or already have seen scaleway have a low cpu GHz which on in windows can’t run you just will use 100% of CPU with just Chrome and windows.

I’m not saying Scaleway have a bad cpu. They are perfect for linux distros. But they can’t handle windows.


The Avoton CPUs used here will handle Windows Server just fine… of course you shouldn’t go running SQL Server, etc., on them, but if you just needed a Remote Desktop Gateway or similar then it’d be fine.

They’re also a good deal faster, even single thread, when compared to the lower-end Bay Trail CPUs often found in Windows tablets. Which isn’t too great for interactive tasks, but alright for light server tasks.

Running Chrome does not count as a server task, IMO.


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