Will something happen to Online.net in the future?



I’ve been with Online.net since 2017 and I have two Dediboxes with them. I’ve read the history of Online.net before being a customer with them, I knew that Online.net launched a beta test ARM cloud service known as Online Labs (labs.online.net), but it seems that in 2015, Online Labs became a Iliad Group brand named “Scaleway”

Scaleway at first was simple, they provided only ARM cloud - but they kept increasing their products range until they provided the current products range (cloud, bare metal servers, GPU instances, and more)

So I started this because I am annoyed that they transferred everything to the scaleway.com domain (the status page, the legal notes, the PDF files, etc.) and they even started a still “private beta” product called “Baremetal dedibox” (https://www.scaleway.com/en/betas/#bare-metal) which handles the same name of the “Online.net dedibox”

So I see that they don’t care about Online.net as much as Scaleway although they still say that Online.net is their parent company.

It will be really annoying if they suddenly fully moved Online.net to the Scaleway site because I became a customer for Online.net and not for Scaleway. I really hate brands changing. So this is something that I hope they won’t do, especially that I pay on Online.net using direct debit which isn’t accepted on Scaleway.

Can a Online.net/Scaleway staff here say if something will happen to Online.net or nah? (I hope no, oof)



Hello @wujef,

Online.net is still there :slight_smile: We are currently integrating the best of Dedibox/online.net into Scaleway, to converge all our products under the same brand (better visibility, larger ecosystem, common features, etc).
The target is to integrate most Dedibox features inside the Scaleway brand, so you can still find what you had with Dedibox in Scaleway. We hope to offer more flexibility and more features in Scaleway though.

The main difference will be the pricing model for now, as we will be able to bill by hour through Scaleway (as opposed to monthly through Online.net), then more features will be added over time.
Direct Debit on Scaleway is on its way and will be available very soon.

But the idea in the long run is that you will find through Scaleway what you have today through Online.net anyway.


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