Why merging Online.net into Scaleway is a bad idea


Dear community
I want to share my thoughts and multiple years of experience with Scaleway and Online.net and why merging of Online.net into Scaleway.

I’ve been using Online.net long ago, when Scaleway did not exist. Then a Scaleway appeared as a small start-up project. It was providing the ARM servers on a very cheap prices. Scaleway has never been stable, and was never mentioned to be used for production. And still it has the same problems like they had from the start. For example, unprofessional support that even does not try to understand what you’re writing (it seems they hire people and force them to use “simple” and silly scripts for answering). They say they hired lots of new people, but it seems they all are of very pour level. Here’s a joke: I wanted to write this post in December, but I couldn’t because they blocked me for accessing this community server! :joy::rofl: I made a support ticket and they confirmed a problem on their side. And they have no ETA how to fix that! I had to use workarounds and other IP addresses to access it now. And somebody here believes that Scaleway is a company that we can trust? There were so many technical issues with the servers, so many promises and ETAs were not kept. And now when I read about that Scaleway consumes Online.net for me it sounds like a nightmare! Online.net was not perfect, but it was at least much more stable and could be used for production. Scaleway still having a “start-up” approach which means in their case “let’s do something, quickly and unstable, we will show some raw results and nobody will notice that we made something extremely buggy (at least the boss will not notice haha)”. This will definitely spoil and break the level of service of Online.net. I’m surprised that the board of directors or any other people in charge were agreed to give Online.net to Scaleway. For me it means that the management or owner of Online.net do not understand at all how the companies work and are far away from the problems and issues their users and customers face with.

If you read this community forum you will see so many issues that were supposed to be solved many years ago, but they still exist. Just today I still see that PayPal is still not supported, it’s impossible to move servers from one account to another, it’s impossible to change user’s country, some people can’t still verify their mobile phone, and so many others.

Please, understand me in a right way. I believe that Scaleway is good in its own way: their approach is OK for development, testing, deployment and other things that do not require a high SLA, but never ever for production! And what I see now that they believe that their approach is the best and they want to scale it into Online.net! :sweat: It sounds like R.I.P. dear Online.net :skull_and_crossbones: It was a pleasure being with you.

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great read and absulutely the sad truth. Upper management seems to be routine-blinded and somehow copycatting OVH.

However, Scaleway has such a bad reputation (rightfully though) compared to online.net it’s a disaster mergen them into scaleway.

I moved away a long time ago and it was still the best move.

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What sealed the “don’t” for production for me was that they will delete all data less than a month after payments bounce - for whatever reason.

For context; I had a small personal side-project on Scaleway, my credit card expired, I missed the payment error notification mail for I think two weeks, service stopped (perfectly fine), data irretrievably deleted (bad).

Of course I paid the difference, and I did not actually lose any data because I had offsite backup, and it was mostly SCM repos anyway; but even with backup that might be catastrophic for a company. Consider uploading terrabytes or even petabytes of data…

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WHY Developing a single strong cloud brand under Scaleway is the BEST choice to keep, satisfy & develop our customers in the future

Helllo Ramil !

First of All, thank you for your transparency & feedback !

Online SAS (Scaleway, Online By Scaleway, Scaleway Datacenter) has decided 3 years ago to launch Scaleway to prepare a complete evolution to the cloud market.

Scaleway has been used initially as a side brand to identify the right positioning & the needs of our customers. Scaleway is already a success on many points (number of customers, woldwide users, technical innovation & expected roadmap). We experienced at some point a growth & for some users SLA issues (you mentionned) mainly due to supply chain facing a huge demand. But things started to change in the latests month : We’re getting ready for phase 2 : Acceleration.

As you probably know, dedicated servers (on a monthly base payment) are slowly declining worldwide (growth around 0% in a few years : The need is evolving) & a new generation of consumers are expecting a new experience, new products and a new way to consume servers & digital ressources. Some historical hosters (competitors of Online brand) decide to put all their energy in defending their hosting market but they won’t change the transformation in progress. A few others (as Online SAS : Scaleway) have taken another strategy : moving forward fast and bring our customers in a new journey.

At the same time, we’re proposing cloud & bare metal to our very big customers (scaleway datacenter) that trust us & join us day after day : In all our brands our goal is to develop a high quality cloud. If companies like “ADOBE” trust scaleway for production, this may mean we’re not that bad ;o)

This is why we tripled lars year our R&D team, hired a lot of talents, created new datacenters to transform scaleway into our main ship. You may not feel all this in your daily use : It has taken time. This implies huge efforts to raise stability, increase service levels, propose bigger (production) instances, complete the range of products & propose soon our full range of servers inside the new console on a cloud based model (BareMetal).

In a couple of days (01/02) we’ll launch our object storage which is already seen as on of the most stable / fast solution of the market. We’ll hase propose our GPU instances for very intensive production application. Next generations of instances will follow and then all the ecosystem + baremetal servers with the Online SAS quality. the Online DNA is not dead, we gathered all of our energy & quality expectations to tranfer it for the next decade into our new vision : Scaleway. Hope we will convince you soon with facts, figures & feedbacks.

Regards !

Alexandre Morel (CSMO)


Nice marketing text. Yet you fail on almost all points, like reliability, network connectivity, proper IPv6, support etc.

I strongly doubt adobe is using scaleway. They use akaimai and AWS. And, quite frankly, there are no traces adobe uses scaleway. Scaleway and adobe are no where mentioned to be related to each other, only informationen scaleway and adobe are connected is on your page.

Still does not answer why on earth, if you already had focused on using scaleway in the long run, you let it behave that horrible. Worst reputation I’ve ever seen. That is plain stupid and sounds more like a desperate call to get on your feet again, since you failed so bad over the last few years.



The facts you mentioned are the things we’re working on.
I can understand it seemed very long for some early users as you may be.
I Didn’t say we’re ready “today” on all topics.
You’re free to be negative & not trust what we’re planning & next steps to fix

For your point : please find here few names among our > 150 key accounts.

I hope we will be soon procuring to all of you the same experience so that you will be satisfied.

have a good day.


as stated before. You are the only source for adobe as a customer. “I host Adobe myself too, I will write it on my website.” - I think you get what I am saying. By now you told so many lies, there is no way to believe what you are saying right now, nor is there any evidence. You are your own source, which is not reliable at all.


At first sight, you may be right right :slight_smile: but :

If you know how “production” and “company” business work you will know that we’re not allowed to publish our customers contracts. But you will also know that we risk a trial if we lie. Do you think an iliad group company (quoted on the stock market) would lie on this ? Of course not, you know that

By the way since you are a skilled technician, I won’t tell you how you can easily make your own investigation, and since you followed technical annoucements in the past, you will know why they work with us ;o)

have a great day.


Dear all,
Thank you very much for sharing your opinions and giving comments. And I’m really happy that Scaleway stuff does not ignore this and gives some official comments.

I would like to point out a few things about what @Axelmore wrote here. First of all, I received a PM here from another Scaleway member with comments about this topic. His message was the first I got, and was posted before @Axelmore. Even if this message was private, I hope I will do nothing wrong if I write down some key points from that message here, because it’s important for all of us:

  1. Changing Online.net to Scaleway is just a rebranding, and will not have any effects on the services of Online.net It’s mainly internal modification inside the Scaleway-Online.net company.
  2. Scaleway is more known in the world than Online.net

@Axelmore can you please confirm the first point? Is it true? Any comments?

Actually I was in panic when I first received the email about merging of Online.net and Scaleway. I’ve got a feeling that you plan to change if not everything, then at least 90% of what Online.net has been offering. And even get rid off the dedicated servers in the future.

I don’t know if you (people who write the texts and messages from the name of Scaleway) truly believe it, or they are told to do it that way, but I you guys have a very pathetic speech which does not have any background or basis behind it. Let’s look at the Happy New Year 2019 email text:

These products, such as Object Storage (available to the public on February 1, 2019) are eagerly awaited. Our objective is to offer you an ecosystem of essential bricks to develop and innovate while providing a high level of quality and without compromise.
With our ongoing transition to baremetal, we are reinventing dedicated servers to meet your current challenges: simplicity, flexibility, performance.

Of course Object Storage was awaited, how many years you have been developing it since your initial announcement that it’s ready? You gave too many promises that you don’t keep. And “high level of quality, performance”, are you kidding me? I don’t want to sound rough, but it seems you don’t understand the placement of your services and what your customers think about it. All what @Axelmore says about future technologies and bla-bla-bla, I don’t understand what you try to achieve. Did you make any survey among your users what they need and what they want? I suspect that you in Scaleway live in some kind of world full of your own illusions, and you believe that your services work perfect, you have no problems, etc.

I will say for myself, please, don’t touch the dedicated servers, let them live. If I want cloud, I can go to AWS, etc. Scaleway is good as a small testing sandbox, but not for production. When we use it as testing, then in this case we as customers can close our eyes when the servers go down, when your support personnel does not even read the support tickets and even does not try to understand the problem. And we understand that if you offer low prices, then the problems with servers may happen because of that and we accept such business of yours. But what we don’t accept is when you try to expand your model further, on Online.net

Look, if you had everything working and you had no problems at all, then OK, you may try to invest into new technologies and services. But dear, you have problems here and there, almost everywhere. It seems you don’t care, you just launch a service (or in some of your services you announce the release, but actually it’s not working or still not available for years) and if it’s not working - that’s OK for you. You made something and you can go forward. But you never created something that does work without bugs. Yes, your team has potential for sure, but you have never made a solid product/service yet, so how could your management entrust Online.net to you for further modifications? Online.net was not perfect, but it was 99% stable.

Once I worked in a huge company and we had a department that worked in the same manner. They never created any product or service of any reasonable quality: they had bugs everywhere so that it was impossible to use their creations. But they shouted very loud and everywhere about how great they are and what magnificent products they create. And I tell you, that many people in the company believed their words: because not all people in the company were familiar with their products or used them in everyday life, and people believe what other people say. In this case it was difficult to understand that your colleagues can tell lies how great their product is. It was a great strategy and the management believed in their words and even helped them to expand. From what I can see, Scaleway uses the same approach, it tells lies, makes fake announcements about their products and services, and may be even does some kind of data/statistics/analytics manipulation to prove how cool they are.

Look, you don’t allow to transfer a server from one account to another, for many years. Why don’t you fix this first instead of dreaming about future technologies. Please, live in the reality, and listen to the demands of your users. Please, pleeeeaasee!!!

Since October 2018 I’m not able to log in to this forum from Scaleway IP. Haha. I had no ETA from your support in my ticket and in January 2019 they told me that they won’t fix that! Really???

You say that Scaleway more known out of France, than Online.net. May be, but why? Do you remember that Online.net didn’t allow registration of accounts for non-French residents? I remember that I had to buy a French SIM card in order to complete registration. Do think that was not a reason why Online.net didn’t go well for international clients? And there a few other reasons, but I’m not sure if somebody here wants to listen to that. I can say many things, but I’m not certain that my efforts will have any effect.

Scaleway has a great ego. I hope that the management of Scaleway will not be blind and will listen to real users and real opinions when making decisions in the future. Otherwise you will not have any success.

Dear Scaleway and Online.net. I’m very sorry if my words above are harsh, but I say things like that and in such manner, because I do care!! I DO CARE! I do care for the services you provide, and I do care about what will happen to you. I’ve been with you for many years, and I’ve been a loyal user. What I see now is a complete disaster and self-destruction of your services/Online.net. You are going in a wrong direction. And that makes me feel very sad and disappointed and that’s why I’m writing all this lines to you. I hope for you understanding, but I also know that magic does not happen. Therefore I’m very pessimistic that you will improve the way you work.

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Ramil. thank you. this is exactly what’s going on and what I think too, but I did not find to time and words to put it like that.

Scaleways reputation is very bad:


Almost everybody complains about the bad support and crashing servers / failing network.

This is going on for years now. Yet all the time scaleway is talking about change etc. but there is honestly no change.