Where are the RPN v2 IP ? Where is the correct documentation?


Hello under the heat in Paris, after 10 days of struggling to connect 2 servers with RPN v2 without any succes.
Where are the RPN v2 IP hiding in the administration interface ?
Is there and where is the correct documentation ?
I don’t know other server farm management but Scaleway and Online as known in France, is not helpfull. The lack of correct documentation and the absence of an help workflow is making a huge amount of time wasting for customers. UX is unknowned with Scaleway afer the initial sale and server installation which is quick. It is just after that the trouble starts. You are on you own like lost in space.


I recall after making an earlier request about the documentation –that was a long time ago when you could reach someone human over a phone line– that I was told that ALL the documentation are done by Online staff –at their spare time– and the customer could volunteer on that too !
It seems that the strategy of Scaleway/Online didn’t improve toward providing a decent UX and/or the staff doesn’t want anymore to provide at their spare time the needed help for customers.

UPDATE & CORRECTION : Finally speaking to a nice human being a the assistance, I got the information that the documentation is indeed made by rightly paid staff and not at their spare time as volunteers. May be I got it wrong earlier.

UPDATE & INTERROGATION : The very nice member of the staff told me he is only since 3 months at Scaleway/Online. Was that different 3 years ago ?


Step #3 I spoke to Online/Scaleway representative. The man was really nice but I ended up learning up that he had no qualification or knowledge of RPN v2. He asked me to forward him the documentation about the MTU. So within 24h a higher member of the Online/Scaleway will be informed of my request concerning RPN v2. “Cela va être remonté” explained the man.


Hello @Andrimont,

RPNv2 provides a real VLAN for your servers, you can use any private IP range in your VLAN (i.e. or any of the ranges specified in RFC1918: https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Réseau_privé). So there is no fixed IP provided for the service from our side.
You can find the RPN-v2 documentation here: https://documentation.online.net/en/dedicated-server/network/rpn-v2
Can you provide me your ticket ID in a PM so I can have a look into your case?



Thank you Benedikt for your concern.

Yes certainly the RPNv2 is able to provide a real VLAN for servers. I was interested in that about 3 years ago when I had to transfer a compromised server –the server was hacked– based at Online. At the time, the documentation about RPN was so bad that I ended making the transfer through external internet network. That was a pity certainly and time consuming. But I managed to to do the transfer even if it was very painful.

Today, three years after it is indeed still painful, especially in the heat wave in Paris. I had to ask a consultant expert in sys-admin that is aware of OVH and Online. Still that was very painful. After two days, the expert found the solution in order :

  • to connect two server on RPNv2
  • to set the mtu 9000

Thank you Benedikt for your offer to check on that but now it is sorted out. That cost me time and money to connect the RPNv2 with Online/Scaleway.
But still, this is not OK at all.
Online/Scaleway should offer a real documentation to use a service like RPNv2 to provide a real VLAN for the customer’s servers !
The assistance should be able to provide a real help for the customers of Online/Scaleway ! Even IKEA provide a yet minimal documentation that helps their customers building their products. The IKEA documentation is included with the IKEA products. What stops a company like Online/Scaleway providing an easy access to a minimal, up-to-date, verified and tested documentation when selling services ?

No one at the assistance of Online/Scaleway could explain how to set the RPNv2 and locate the hidden RPN NIC !
No one at the assistance of Online/Scaleway could explain how to set the MTU 9000 !

The minimum service of Online/Scaleway toward its customers should be to provide the basic assistance in order to basically use the service ! This should be by means of providing the assistance staff –all very kind people by the way– some internal guidelines made to really provide real help and real assistance to the customers.
To locate the RPN NIC shall not be a jeu de piste or a detective story !
Do Online/Scaleway know anything about UX ?

I am very disappointed by the lack of real service provided by Online/Scaleway. I am also angry to have lost again time and money for something that should have been smooth. Again that would be a very commercial act to provide nice tools to help their customers.

Even if it is not my job, here’s one of the missing information on how to find the RPN NIC. At this time, there no useful information provided by Online/Scaleway on that question. The RPN-v2 documentation mentioned by Benedikt : https://documentation.online.net/en/dedicated-server/network/rpn-v2 is obsolete, incomplete. It looks like no one at Online/Scaleway ever cared for their customers. With not sometime think that you can be one of the customer ?
With these instruction, I hope to avoid many other people wasting their time. Please let me know if there is any error.

First check the MAC address hidden in the admin pages for each of the servers :
Look for RPN v2 member.
Then make ifconfig to list the devices.
After you make a match between the MAC address and the right RPN NIC device : in this case we located enp2s0f0.
Then you check in the admin try to locate the VLAN for the RPN v2, set it the same for ALL the server needed. In this case it is set to 2004.

NOW HOW TO SET THE MTU 9000 ? :sunglasses:
Then, here’s the /etc/network/interfaces file setting to show the mtu 9000 setting :

auto lo
iface lo inet loopback

iface eno3 inet manual

auto enp2s0f0
iface enp2s0f0 inet manual
        mtu 9000

auto eno4
iface eno4 inet manual

iface enp2s0f1 inet manual

auto vmbr0
iface vmbr0 inet static
        address  EXTERNAL IP
        gateway  EXTERNAL GATEWAY
        bridge-ports eno3
        bridge-stp off
        bridge-fd 0
#External network

auto vmbr1
iface vmbr1 inet static
        netmask  24
        bridge-ports enp2s0f0.2004
        bridge-stp off
        bridge-fd 0
        bridge-vlan-aware yes
        bridge-vids 2-4094
        mtu 9000

That it, please feel free to use that for Proxmox. It should be very similar on Debian as Proxmox use Debian :wink:


UPDATE : The assistance from Online/Scaleway contacted me and explained that all the trouble to set the RPNv2 are normal.

Je suis navré que nos réponses ne vous soient pas claires, l’adresse mac est affichée ici, sur la page du serveur : https://console.online.net/en/server/state/123695
Nous ne pouvons pas vous aider à configurer votre os, je vous invite à contacter un infogérant ici au besoin: https://www.online.net/fr/serveur-dedie/infogerance-serveur-dedie

That means that the assistance from Online/Scaleway is not able to help their customers to set the RPNv2 service. That means that the assistance recommends that the setting to be handle by a third party acting as an infogérant (a Sys-Admin).