What's the difference between Scaleway and Online?


I understand that they’re essentially the same company and one is dedicated and one is cloud, but I need to find which is the best suited for my case.

A bit of background - I’ve been in web development for many years, and I’ve bounced around from hosting to hosting, shared, dedicated, reseller, cloud, even home servers.

Now, what I’ve found is that I like to go to 123-Reg as my registrar, and then point to my hosting. It’s usually the most cost effective and gives me the flexibility (and experience).
I’m currently using reseller hosting (being a reseller), but was thinking of going to Scaleway’s cloud to cut down costs.

So what would be the best case scenario? To run my own site, my own projects, and as a reseller.



Scaleway is our public cloud offer, providing compute instances, object storage and further services that will be released soon. Online is our historic offer, providing “traditional” webhosting services, dedicated servers and storage solutions.

In case you want us to take care about all technical aspects of your hosting, I recommend a Cloud Hosting offer, which is fully managed by us, provides multi-site support and allows you to easily upload your website.

If you want to have full root access to your server, a Scaleway Virtual Cloud or Dedibox Bare Metal server might be your choice.


Thanks for the reply.

A few extra questions.

I’d like to run a few services through you, but I’m afraid I won’t be able to get enough storage.
The two major things is OnlyOffice and GitLab, which both may potentially use up TBs of data.
I am unsure if you could provide an affordable plan.