Web hosting does not support any SSL certificate other than Let's Encrypt


Dear community,
I would like to warn you about the situation I faced. I ordered Essential Cloud Hosting to transfer an existing website there and I wanted to use an existing GlobalSign SSL certificate that we have already purchased. However, it turned out, that the shared hosting supports ONLY Let’s Encrypt certificate. In the description of the tariff plan it’s stated that the SSL Let’s Encrypt certificate is available, however, I thought it was just a feature, not a limitation.

I contacted support to solve this situation and the results are as follow:

  1. All shared hosting tariffs (Essential, Personal, Pro, Business, Performance, Premium) allow to use Let’s Encrypt certificate ONLY. We can’t use a self-issued certificate or a certificate purchased at any valid CA.
  2. We need to buy a dedicated server if we want to use an SSL other than Let’s Encrypt.
  3. No refund is possible! So, it was just a waste of my money, I bought the hosting, and it was useless for me, I didn’t use it at all!

I hope this info will help other users to avoid such situation and misunderstanding…

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It’s 2020, nothing changed.

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