VPN site to site on Dedibox servers


Hi there.

I’m having some issues to find a working solution.

I have multiple dedicated servers on online.net. They’re all Esxi. On these Esxi I have multiple Windows VMs with Remote Desktop Services.
I need to connect to them securely with site to site VPN. Is it possible?

I tried to put them on a private network inside the Esxi and connect this private network to the internet threw a pfSense VM. Everything works fine but when I try to set up an IPSec connection between this pfSense and a Draytek Vigor router, I can’t establish the connection. I don’t know what’s wrong. Maybe you have an idea? Something to set up on the Esx?

I tried something else: client to site connection from my VMs to the Vigor routers. Works with Shrew VPN but I lose some packets on some of them. And Shrew is the only one solution working ! Even Smart VPN (Draytek) doesn’t connect. Makes me believe this is some kind of firewall issue.