Virtualmin & Scaleway


I want to install Virtualmin on , lets say START1-L server . Anyone can tell me if are fully compatible with scaleway ? No “conflicts” or problems ? Any experience with that ?

I just ask before i buy a server .


Hi, I have used Virtualmin for many years and can recommend it !

I have the following servers all with CENTOS 7 and Virtualmin GPL and/or Pro


I started of small and went further up the Pro scale.

the only issue I have is with the Pro-1 server, on installation there was only (default) 200MB on the /boot sector
which isn’t enough for updates (despite removing old kernels)
so I’m moving several sites to Pro-4 (which I setup with 500MB boot sector modified during th einstall process)
then I’ll reformat the Pro-1 and move domains back to it.

hope that helps

p.s. sorry for the late reply, but I hope it helps others