Very disappointed of the new C14 cold storage management system


I didn’t want to create a ticket for that, as it is not a technical issue but rather to express my disappointment…
The way of accessing buckets etc etc is not at all user friendly compared to the simple ftp protocol I used to access my files.
Would be good to have both because I don’t want to bother doing all these commands just to transfer my data in a badly designed system for the end user (as a programmer I speak)…


hi, what do you expect ? it is almost the same protocol as AWS S3 glacier class of storage but about five time cheaper.

C14 is only usefull if you need a way to archive data. if the use need live bucket you must use the standard class


yes but you have no way to use it as before please read again my post inform yourself and come back thx


yes, i’ve read your poste, i’agree working with buckets is not user friendly but it is the today standard :slight_smile:

you can use to manage your buckets and to transfert your data

cf to restore all your object:

aws s3api list-objects --bucket --query ‘Contents[?StorageClass==GLACIER][Key]’ --output text | xar -l1 aws s3api restore-object --bucket veeam-repo1 --key


lol no I won’t , I subscribed to a dedicated server 10 euros a month for 2 tb and it uses ftp (cause i installed ftpd) yes maybe seems strange to you cause it’s also commands etc, but it is something I know well so…


it is ok if meet your needs.

the interest of glacier (and C14) it is the Data durability ( 99.999999999 %).

if you need legale archive it is one of the best i’ve found.


no just a backup in case my flat burns , robbery etc. …
tu es probablement francais vu les fautes en anglais lol