Upload speeds DC2 super low


I have a server @oneprovider but they keep referring to the fact that the server is in a busy center.
I can get any speeds over 5Mbit/s. Upload only is affected. Downloads go full speed.

Testing with servers from Online, OVH, … in different locations doesnt help. Never goes about 6-10Mbit
(iperf checked)

My server is at this location:
DC2, Room: 103 PRO, Rack: E1, Block: A, Position: 24

Are there any problems? Support always says to get a server in DC3 but moving the data on the server will take 3 months with those speeds -_-

Thanks to whoever can fix this or actually take a proper look at it.


this is a common issue with scaleway and online.net

their networks are basically overloaded all the time. they will probably upgrade their network gear in a month or 2, afterwrds your server will work for a couple of weeks and then your issues will reoccur. this has happened to me already 4 times.

so, good luck. If you need the speed desperately, you would be better of somewhere else.