Unable to access account


Yesterday I logged in to my scaleway account after a couple of years of not using it and it being inactive.
As per required I added my card information to the site so that I could then open as support ticket and have the account re-activated.
The account was eventually re-activated however my card info seems to have been removed and I have NOT received the £2 charge refund that was supposed to be “instant”.
I can now not access my account to even open another ticket as when I try to add my card again it just tells me it is unable to.
I really want access to my account and need this refund as I have very limited funds and need the money in my bank account.
I do not have any other cards that I can add on to the system either.



Thanks for the report and sorry for the issue encountered.
I will check with our user team by tomorrow morning and we will keep you updated.


Hello again,

Could you please join us on https://slack.scaleway.com/ ? It will be easier for our team to investigate and interact with you during the investigation of your issue.
Thanks in advance !


I have recently downloaded skype in my system but encountered with Skype Mic Not Working problem in my system and due to that I cannot access to the internet at all so please help me to fix the problem.