Ubuntu LTS version schedule / availability for Dedibox



Ubuntu 20.04_LTS was released on 23 April.

It is normal, recommended procedure to upgrade from 18.04_LTS only once the first point release (20.04.1) is released, which should happen in July or August.

But does anyone know when 20.04_LTS will become available for a fresh install of a new Dedibox, at least to allow testing?

At the moment, options available for a fresh install are 16.04_LTS and 18.04_LTS.




Ubuntu 20.04 LTS is available for fresh installations from the Dedibox console.

Do not hesitate to contact our technical assistance by ticket if it should be not available for reinstallation of your Dedibox.


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Thanks Benedikt,
It still doesn’t show up as an option for a reinstall on any of my servers, for some reason.
I have launched an assistance ticket as advised.


If you send me your server ID via PM, I could check this issue :slight_smile: