Tutos and defaults installation



Since I’m managing server and web service since almost 20years now, i’m pretty good to read and execute tutorial I found online execpt at online.net. Most of them seams to be wrote in another era and not respond to what I use.

It’s seems online.net and scaleway put a lot of restriction on different products for different reason and tutos / how to don’t mention these or take care of these.

Such as example :
IPv6: apparently you could have as you which illimited subnet; but for me, after one /56 it’s done, I can’t make more than one.

Another example but for Scaleway;
I’m able to build a Nethserver based on CentOS on a VC1x server
but unable to make it work on a C2x
for some reason which I can’t control some parameter on the kernel are different and shorewall won’t start on C2x server which works fine on a VC1x

It seams default installation have a lack of professionalism
aka why I can’t make my own partition scheme on proxmox and it result of a one big chunk partition which is not optimum for proxmox who recommend using thin LVM.

So now I’m jiggling with IPFailover
which the tutorial say you’re netmask will be;
which I’m sorry but that means /32 aka you’re gateway need to be yourself
So I try different variable for the netmask because also in the console they said
ho ho we furnish a unique gateway for every IPFailover which is :
which will make more sense anyway then using a the gateway of your main IP
because if you use the gateway of your main IP it means you need to touch you configuration so you have more potential of fails while you switch your IPFailover from server to server which is all the purpose of an IPFailover, to limited the reconfiguration…

Nous fournissions une nouvelle IP unique que vous pouvez utiliser comme passerelle par défaut dans chacune de vos machines virtuelles, peu importe le serveur host ou le datacenter:

So anyway just to make a remember for everyone; a gateway is like a polyglog who’s able to speak different network (language) and network are define by their subnet. aka if my network is and I want to talk with my gateway need to know both network (language).

So to make my IPFailover work with this gateway a netmask make no sense, even or because my IPFailover is in the network Even to speak with my main gateway of my main IP which is mention in the official tutorial it still make no sense because and are far the be the same IP such as mention the subnet and with any mask as mentioned :, or even

I’ll stop here for now
But for now Online.net sound synonym of nosense for me.

IPFailover tuto (https://documentation.online.net/en/dedicated-server/network/ip-failover/ip-failover)
IPv6 tuto (https://documentation.online.net/en/dedicated-server/network/ipv6/prefix)


as another example of nosense
as they show in that tuto

they apparently lets you make you’re partition schema when you’re install proxmox
which is not true