Transfer server from one account to another is not possible


Dear community,
I faced a problem: a server needs to be transferred now from one account to another account at The reason is simple: the client now wants to take control and manage his server himself. I contacted support, but they told me that such feature is not available! It’s 2018, really you don’t allow that? :anguished:

I even tried to discuss any alternative method that could help to achieve my goal, for example, pay for this work to the support personnel, or do all the backup myself and restore it after the server is deleted and created again on another account. Unfortunately, all my ideas were marked as “not available”. Even the backup/restore approach does not work, because it seems that after I delete the server in my account, I loose it completely, so that I can’t again purchase exactly this server into another account. And this is very important, because I need to preserve my IP address and the server hardware.

A funny thing: some replies from support are misleading and contradict each other. The first reply from support says that the work to add the transfer functionality is ongoing:

This is not possible; we are working to add this fonctionnality, but for the moment you cannot transfert a server from one account to another.

The reply to my next question about the ETA from another support personnel inside the same ticket:

It is not planned :slight_smile:

Ha-ha, I believe one of them is saying the truth and another one just wants to be polite :yum:

I feel very disappointed, that a hosting provider does not have such a basic and core functionality like transfer resources from one account to another :pensive:

Transfer server from Individual account to Corporate

While a menu option would be convenient, just copy the volume from your account to your cust account over the network. I haven’t checked, but I suspect you can do that from the “emergency” boot. Otherwise, you’ll have to create a temporary vm to do the transfer.


Thank you, there are plenty of ways to transfer data. So, the problem is not there. The problem is that I can’t use the same server, I mean exactly the same machine. When I release it from one account and it enters into “unsold & available state”, I can’t order it from another account. For example, my server has KVM, the new servers don’t have it in the Start series, there’re also some differences in hardware. I also want to keep my IP address, which is not possible, if I don’t get the same server.

Besides, keep in mind the well-known stories when you release your server and then you can’t buy a new one, because you see the message “Out of stock - Victim of it’s success”. Even though you just deleted your server, and it is supposed to be available for order again.


I don’t mean just transferring data. I mean copy the entire server image. The copy will have a different IP, but will otherwise be identical, and you can update DNS for the new IP. This does mean a disruption in service, of course. (So yes, I agree a server transfer would be a nice feature.)


That’s not a solution, because the hardware of the new server will be different.


I’m assuming you mean it will be a new instance of the same type of hardware. (Because otherwise your request for the server to “transfer” to another account would be nonsense - and you seem like a smart guy.)

Copying a system to new instance of the same type of hardware is called “cloning”. It is a skill you should be familiar with as a sysadmin (or a developer who needs to deliver a product to a customer).


I really appreciate your desire to help me, but unfortunately you don’t understand the problem. As I said before, there are plenty of methods to copy data, transfer or clone - whatever you call it, I’m not asking for assistance in system administration.

The problem is that I need to have the same hardware, the same server. I use this server for several years, now such configuration is not available any more for sale. New servers are different. I try to explain this to you, that I want the same exact server - it means not the same software or data, it means the same hardware: the same model of processor, the same motherboard, the same amount of RAM, etc. And the same price!

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You find something good - they stop making it. Get used to it.

… mutters about Walmart dropping the brand of shoes I wore for two decades…


Again I disagree with you :yum: Your example is completely wrong. It’s not shoes and nobody rents shoes. It’s NOT the problem that this server is not produced anymore: when I cancel it, it will not be destroyed - it can be used by someone else, but not me! It’s a matter of the attitude of the company towards its clients, the matter of simple things they can’t do to make their clients happy.

Hosting companies must be at least very flexible: if they don’t have a button to do some function in the interface, then they have to do it manually - besides, it’s an easy task for the personnel. Otherwise, they will loose clients: they will go to other hosting companies that are more professional and more careful about their customers.

I will never accept your advice to “get used to it”. Don’t be offended, but it’s a looser’s way of thinking which is not suitable for me.:yum:


If they still offer the hardware you want at the price you want - why don’t you just rent one, and copy your system over?


It seems that our discussion is not going anywhere. There’s a saying “the rich don’t know how the other half lives”. So I hope you will not face the problem that I have here.

I thought I found a solution - pass my account to the client, but… the support says “sorry, we don’t allow that”. Changing account information is not supported. Well, seems it’s a kind of a standard reply from the support.


@Ramil_Valitov, Really sorry to hear all about it. I am just here about 4-5 days and faced hundred of issues, including support person intent to copy paste rather than help. I though, Old customer may treated well than me! but your story make a big question in my head.
Its unfortunate that the way they treat a old customer.

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