Transfer server from Individual account to Corporate


The title is pretty much self-explanatory: I have two servers into an Individual account type and since then I opened a business, and I would like to transfer the server to the another account of Corporate type. The accounts are obviously separated (different emails, names, address etc.).
Basically what started with one development/playground server is now one development/testing server and one official server.

Is this possible? Or, if is not possible, can an Individual account be somehow “converted” to a Corporate account type (updating the email, address, card etc.)? From the website user interface this is also not possible.

Assuming this can be done, are there certain custom steps to be done (contact Scaleway with a certain request, ticket type, describing the case etc.) ?


From my experience you can do neither of these. For example, our company changed its circumstances and we couldn’t change the company name and VAT despite having the same location address…


So the only thing to be done is to make a snapshot from individual account and restore onto another account.
At leadt is this possible?


You can’t download a Scaleway snapshot for what I know… :frowning:



The best is that you open us a ticket about this :wink:

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Thanks PierreAntoine, I have opened the ticket EDM8HL01. Hope we can make this working out.


I am having the very same issue as user camarie. I need to have my server on a corporate account now and I am not able to do so with

I have also opened a ticket and the only “solution” I was given by support is to save my data and create the very same server on the corporate account. Apart from the unnecessary work and trouble it would cause me setting up a fresh server, this isn’t even possible as the server in question is “victim of its own success” :wink:

All in all very disappointing :frowning:


The moment you wish you had picked digital ocean


I faced a similar problem, my story is here Transfer server from one account to another is not possible