Torrent InstantApp 50GB storage


Hey Scaleway community,

Like a lot of you, I have used the C1 servers to torrent.
After Scaleway released an instantapp, this got way easier to do.
Unfortunatly, the instantapp is only available with 150GB storage (which increases the price).

I was told, if there is enough interest, they are willing to make the instantapp available with different storage sizes as well.
I’m sure I’m not the only one who only needs more than 50GB storage for their seedbox.
And come one guys, 3€/m for a seedbox which deploys in 45seconds is awesome no?
Bump this thread to get staff’s attention please :slight_smile:



As a workaround, you can solve it yourself. Just do the following steps

  • create a new torrent instantapp server with 150GB
  • add an extra volume with the size you desire (with the api, you can also create volumes <50GB; i have some servers with only 5GB)
  • start the machine and login
  • partition the second volume and mount it
  • mkfs.ext4 /dev/nbd1
  • mount /dev/nbd1 /mnt/
  • copy all data with rsync to the new volume (maybe, you have to install rsync)
  • rsync -aAv --exclude={"/dev/","/proc/","/sys/","/tmp/","/run/","/mnt/","/media/","/lost+found"} / /mnt/
  • archive your instance on the webinterface
  • make a snapshot of the extra volume
  • create an image of this snapshot

No you have your own private image to deploy smaller sized torrent servers. If you only need one, you could also just spin up one instance and then delete the image + snapshot.
Don’t forget to delete the old instance!

One alternative is to use the Instantapp imagebuilder. There is a documentation…

Have fun :wink:


Another solution would be to deploy Debian 7/8 and issue this command upon instance load.


chmod +x Rtorrent-Auto-Install-3.0.2-Debian-Wheezy

Or on Jessie

chmod +x Rtorrent-Auto-Install-3.0.2-Debian-Jessie

I have tested both on C1 and find no errors or issues on a Standard Scaleway C1, its not as convenient or as fast as loading out of the box, or by making your own snapshot.


How are volumes with less than 50 GB billed? If I have a volume with 25 GB will it cost me 0.50 euros as opposed to 1.00 per month?


Resources of allocation are sold in 50gb blocks i would assume if you have dev api and less can be created you would be right. 50 cents


jfreax said:

And I see no reason not to believe him/her. I was asking jfreax how that would be billed should I try to do it.


I think there is an easier solution. Because Scalaway provides the source code used to build the image, you can take advantage of it.

Just clone, and change the volume size in makefile,

I haven’t tried it myself, but I think it should work.

more information about this:


Hi, the image from ImageHub hardly forces to deploy on 150 GB disk. I want to have scaleway-torrents on standard 50 GB disk. I have created VM with ubuntu trusty, git cloned the, but make install won’t work. Any help? :smile:


I guess you need another volume /dev/nbd1 to do the make install.

I’m going to try it now.

  1. We need to start a C1 with a Docker image instead of others such as Ubuntu
  2. 2 volums are needed


  1. clone the torrents repo
  2. change the 150GB to 50GB
  3. make install
  4. stop the server
  5. create a snapshot
  6. create an image based on the snapshot
  7. start a new server with the image
  8. terminate the server used to build including the associated IP if you don’t need it
  9. delete the snapshot (or not, but it’s not free)

EDIT: It works!


Hello,maybe this way is more easer :slight_smile: