Timeout error..what to do?


Hi Folks
I am completely new to Scaleway as well to Termius . I try to setup an Online server by using a step to step guide of the internet. It has guided me so far well…looks all fine and it says that the server is up for the last 5 hours. I try now to connect to Terimus and again, i follow the steps showing in the instruction. The KEYS have been generated with PuTTY KEY …and when i start the host to connect, then it starts working for a few second until the error message comes…connection closed with status: ETIMEDOUT xx.xxxx.xxx.xx…x of root xx.xx…xx…x

I hope that i can find some one who could tell me what i am doing wrong…Anyone pls…

This is the page that i follow to set up the server:

Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks.