TikTok - Clone Websites Shutdown Request


Hello Online Abuse Team,

My name is Vince from iZOOlogic, Ltd. here in the UK.

I am reaching out on behalf of our client - TikTok.

I am reaching out to you today to find out if you could assist us with our concerns with proxad.net

I understand that they are a hosting services provider managed or under Scaleway.

We have several pending requests/cases with them and unfortunately, we haven’t been getting any response for some time now. These requests include, but not limited to DMCA (copyright/trademark) and other Intellectual Property Complaints.

We have reported the below infringing domains in particular, that have replicated or cloned TikTok’s Official Website and used their trademarked API to run it too.

TikTok Clone Sites:


Please note that this is not authorized by TikTok and therefore fraudulent in nature. ​Please look into this in high priority and intiate domain suspension for these fraudulent domains.

As stated in TikTok’s terms of use : www(dot)tiktok(dot)com/en/terms-of-use

Chapter 5 specified the use of the service, there were a few terms breached by these 3 websites, such as:

“***use automated scripts to collect information from or otherwise interact with the Services;***”

I am looking forward to your immediate response and action to our prolonged case.
This has been open for too long and no agency or entity has been responding to our reports.

Feel free to reach out to us for any questions/queries regarding this urgent request.

Thanks and regards,

iZOOlabs Security Response
Global Security Operations Centre
+44 20 3734 2726



We have send you a PM according to your request.


Hedi Serradj
Trust and Safety Manager