Switching between computing instances without reinstalling


Having computing and disks separated is probably one of the greatest things on Scaleway.

However, due to architectures it probably not possible to freely switch between any computing type, forcing me to reinstall everything.

Now my questions:

Can I switch from a C1 to an ARMv8 Server?
And is it possible to switch back to the other bare metal plans (C2) afterwards, if I need more power?
Can you switch to a Virtual Cloud Server at all?


Hi @Werner

You can switch between servers of the same architecture.
For instance moving from a VC1S to a C2S server works but moving from a VC1S to a ARM64-2GB server won’t work.

Hope I answer your question



So switching from a Bare Metal C1 to an ARM64-2GB won’t work?


Hello anybody from Scaleway checking for spam? Apparently not…