Stuck because no ssh after reboot



I’m running a Start-2-M-SSD under debian 10 and things are getting bad after a simple reboot: I loose access to the server. I have tried to figure it out but with no success, so I’m posting here for a little help.

The machine respond to ping but sshd do not start:
ssh: connect to host xxx port 22: Connection refused

I’ve boot several times to rescue mode to find something: I first checked my ssd partitions and they were ok, then I removed a systemd service that failed to start (as shown in logs). But after few reboots nothing new was written to logs, just a single line for each boot in wtmp:
reboot system boot 4.19.0-6-amd64 Mon Oct 28 22:17 still running

Now I’m stuck, I dont know how to going further into debug, I suspect systemd but maybe it has nothing to do with… How can I do? Thanks for any kind of help.



Hi Alex!

Could you send me your server ID via PM please? :slight_smile: (something like sd-XXXXX)


Hi @henyxia, great thanks! I’m doing it


For the record, the guilty was the RPN-SAN volume. @henyxia made the server able to reboot by commenting the corresponding fstab entry. Thanks a bunch @henyxia!


It was a pleasure @Alex_D, you’re welcome :wink:

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