Strange support behavior


Our git server has been down for more than a week. Everything was fine for a year with this dedicated server, but the server stopped working a week and a half ago. We contacted the support team. We were told that it looked like a technical problem and were invited to wait. After 24 hours we wrote again, the support answered:

We apologize for the inconvenience, we will come back to you soon as we get more information.

Considering that we had been paying for a dedicated server with RAID for over a year, we decided to request data. The support answered:

No problem, we will come back to you when the issue will be solved.

Also considering that the server was also serving commercial customers who could complain, we decided to transfer all commercial services to another hosting provider and clarify the issue of compensation. The answer was:

You can ask for a compensation when the issue will be solved.

A week later, we decided to find out how long they were planning to solve the problem. And that they said about it:

At the moment I do not have more information to provide.
We will keep you updated.

Then we wrote this message with screenshots of this correspondence, and decided to concordance of this publication with the support. We asked to clarify whether everything is correctly written, to which they replied:

we will come back to you when we will have more information about this issue.

That is, only the same type of answers are received not on the merits of our appeals.

This is very similar to fraud. It looks like they didn’t use a RAID on the server and for more than a year we overpaid for a non-existent service (a duplicate hard drive for data recovery). It is unlikely that this is a form of some kind of political censor sanctions, it is more like commercial fraud.

The server was paid, does not work for more than a week (we paid for week of downtime), the support did not provide data on our request. And the support does not report any specific information about the time when the issue will be fixed.

So i would like to consult with community on how best to deal in this situation. I would be happy to hear any advice for possible resolution of this issue.

Ticket ID: 821431


Hi zlaxy,

Unfortunately, there is nothing I could do more than what the support team is already doing.
The technical issue you’re meeting is (fortunately) very rare but there is nothing else to do than waiting.

Sorry for this bad news :frowning:


Good news,

The bug was finally resolved.
For the records, it was a very sneaky network issue.

Still sorry for this unacceptable downtime