Start-3-L 300Mbit vs 1Gbit


Hi All,

I am still interested in the Start-3-L Server after a test phase.
But I don’t want to switch back to Online because of the bandwidth-limit of 300mbit/s.

Why do not you offer 1Gbit(s) connections yet?



Because it’s actually a 1Gbit, but 300Mbit is guaranteed to be lowest speed and high power servers doesn’t offer such a speed, because of fair usage. If they offer high power servers with unlimited 1Gbit, people will start HUGE SEEDING which is already a problem.

With lower power server and high speed you still cannot seed as fast as possible, because power restricts it.


The Start-3-L is Ok for 1Gb/s speed and 1Gb/s is not a problem in AMS.
If OVH (fr), Hetzner (de) and competitors in the NL(AMS) can do this, it should not be difficult for Online at all.

For other locations, I don’t know…


If that wouldn’t be problem at all why would AWS cost per Gbit of transfer? You’d get at least 1Gbit line on any server. In theory it’s not a problem, but fact is that the people who uses the server for VPN tunnels, sells bandwidth or otherwise share a shit around internet needs at least 1Gbit of line. Anyone who hosts a gameserver or such don’t need even a more than 300 Mbit or maybe even 100 Mbit, because what comes to rest resources server cannot benefit very much from low power dedicated with 1Gbit line so server is usually shared with many nodes.

Ps. At online we are talking about unmetered bandwidth. That’s why Hetzner offers 3Gbit multi connected lane, because 20TB monthly limit + dollars extra if mentioned before reaching the limit.


Hetzner has unlimited bandwidth, without monthly TB limit.
I understand what you are saying. 1Gbps with 20TB is good for me.


They have 1Gbit limit and 20TB traffic limit per month. Exceeding without pre-made contract will result penalty by dropping the connection to slow one. You say that it is not a monthly limit? It’s just different amount of different class of servers?


All dedicated traffic is unlimited without monthly TB limit. I have 4 Hetzner servers.

Quote from your link:

"All dedicated servers have a dedicated 1 Gbit uplink.

All dedicated servers have unlimited traffic. For AX10/AX20/AX30 and CX servers there is a different calculation, which can be seen in the table below."

There is no monthly bandwidth limit since october 2018.

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By the way. I accidentaly found this post by browsing the forum. I were browsing the stuff at Hetzner. Dunno where did you find this no traffic limit shit as they say the unlimited traffic is only for servers with 10G uplink addon bought. Other servers have 20TB traffic limit monthly. Only their front page says that traffic is unlimited, but their docs and terms doesn’t.


Hello NoName,

Please read the old comments and replies.

I’m not talking about cloud VPS machines or virtual servers.

Traffic for dedicated servers is unlimited, same for OVH.

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Fucking awesome! I’ve been living almost a year without that information. MEEE WANT TOO. I use Scaleway and Hetzner both, but recently Scaleway more. Like 5 years ago they were still talking about unlimited traffic, but that was only some front page text, when you chosen to read terms there was small info about that if you exceed some limits you will be fucked. Best news for a long time with a long delay.

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Yes, indeed!

I am only interested in 1Gbit (guaranteed) with unlimited traffic.

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Yeah. 1Gb line would be awesome. 300Mbps is enough for myself, but sometimes peak (when needed) is slow, because tons of people uploading.