SSD Hard disk brand and model on your servers?


Hello. I need to know what brand and model of 500GB SSD hard disks you use on your CORE servers.
Interested in CORE-3-M-SSD if need a specific model, but I suppose all your CORE servers of this size use the same model.

Information from a user of a recently bought CORE server or from services welcome.




It mostly depends on our stocks but all our disks are selected for their compatibility with our systems and for their reliability.

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I asked this because I have big needs in fast MySQL replication under Debian 8/9 systems, and we had got problems with these systems when they have Micron SSD hard disks. I don’t know why, but some hard disk models seem to be very slower (10x slower) than others under standard debian 8/9 + mysql 5.7. We always run 2 disks in hardware RAID0 to get enough performances for our needs.

  • Servers with Micron 1100 MTFDDAK512BTN M0MU031 500GB SSD : too much slow for us : MySQL replication becomes late, so we can’t use in production. Tested 3 times, 3 slow servers.
  • Servers with Samsung 850 EVO EMT02B6Q 500GB SSD : works well, 10x faster, validated for our production use. We run 6 of them.
  • 1 server with Samsung MZ7LN512HCHP-00000 EMT0100Q work well too.

All these server are installed the same way, I am 100% sure of this : the hard disk model is the problem.

The problem for me is that all most recent Online servers we took were hosted with the Micro hard drive. We could not do anything else than stop them or use them for something else than our fast-mysql-replication needs : we could not use them. Too slow.

So today I can’t buy new servers from Online until I am sure that the server I will get will host a hard disk that WE validated for production. That’s a real problem for me because I loved to work with you, and I need to keep a balanced division between three hosting providers, for high-availability policy reason.

This problem with some hard disks model is very strange sometimes : we got the same with another host, with two very near and similar hard disks references. Under Debian 8 + MySQL 5.7 standard systems :

  • Intel 480GB SSD all work fine, event using soft RAID0 (where we need hard RAID0 everywhere else, because of our speed needs). We today use these models fine :
    Intel SSDSA2CW300G3
    Intel SSDSC2BB480G4
    Intel SSDSC2BB480G6
    Intel SSDSC2KB960G7
  • But 1 model : Intel SSDSC2BB480H4, was 10x slower than the others, for exactly the same use. Tested 2 times.

Crazy, isn’t it ?


On what model are you observing this? Are you using CORE-3-M-SSD models?


That was on the old matching reference : Dedibox ENT 2016 SSD. It is almost the equivalent of the actual Core-3-S-SSD. It’s right your models changed since this time, but I do not want to take more risks paying 2 months for servers I wont use because of too slow disks.

More precisely, the two exact servers references which caused me these problems are :

  • sd-133565 (febuary 2018)
  • sd-137262 (march 2018)

Is it possible to know what disks are actually used in stock ? If you do not use Micron disks anymore, I will be more confident.


So there is no solution for me ?

I can’t get more servers if you don’t guarantee they comply to my needs. Each time it costs me more than 200€ to test if a server works and cancel it because it does not (almost 400€ if I buy it on the beginning of the month, thanks to your full-month engagement subscription policy). I can’t continue like this.

I will probably test this new server reference at the end of this month, but I can just cross my fingers that the hard disk will be the good one.



Micron SSD are not deployed anymore on new offers, however it is possible that you could end up on Micron SSD on older offers though.
On our latest offers you will have disks from other manufacturers.



That’s good news.
Thanks for your answer.