[SOLVED] - X64-15GB down, can't reboot


my X64-15GB instance is down from few hours, I tried to reboot it hour ago, but nothing happens, console is blank. Ticket NWLO is unanswered :(. Any help?


Check the other threads here and you’ll see this sort of stuff is pretty common, and support is rather useless. If uptime doesn’t matter to you, but price does, these guys are an option. If you need reliability and proper support, look for another hosting provider.


X64-15 GB is IMHO quite expensive comparing to competition (like Hetzner).
I had different servers in Scaleway from 3 years or so, and support always replied in 20-30 minutes.
Now they replied after 2 hours, and problem still not fixed, server is still stuck on reboot.
I’ve already made new instance, attached existing IP and restored my own backup, in next month moving all instances to other provider…


Update, problem was fixed after 8 hours.