[SOLVED] - Virtualbox on a Dedibox. Unable to set up bridged networking for guests



I have issues setting up bridged networking on a FreeBSD host with a FreeBSD guest, on a Dedibox.
So far I haven’t succeeded communicating with the guest, though I now that it’s running and can see what it displays with VNC.

The host setup is as follows:

The guest setup is as follows:

  • FreeBSD 11.1
  • network card: vtnet0
  • ip : x.x.37.63 (an “IP failover address” pointing to my host server)
  • gw: (a completely different gateway that Online is telling me to use with VMs)

What am I missing?
Do I need to put some routing info to direct the IP traffic to my VM failover IP / virtual MAC addresses?
Do I need to use a bridge+tap device like I did a few years back?

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Have you generated a virtual MAC for your VM in the control panel?
Maybe this can help you to configure the network on your VM: https://www.geeklan.co.uk/?p=2109



Yes I did and associated it with the failover IP address pointing to my host.

Thank you for the link. I followed the guidelines there, but unfortunately it’s still not working.

More details [https://forums.virtualbox.org/viewtopic.php?f=40&t=88353&p=423647#p423647](on the Virtualbox forums)



have you properly added the static route for the Gateway?
As the gateway is outside of the subnet of your Failover IP (which is a /32, so a single IP), you need to force the route to the gateway with a static route, otherwise it won’t work.

It’s explained in @bene’s link.

If you already did it, could you show us your routing table?
If you have access through VNC, can you PING something (or MTR) from the VM?


Everything was fine inside the guest, but I had an error in the host which prevented traffic to reach the guest.

I tried to set up the virtual MAC address on the network tap I used, instead of letting VirtualBox handle it.
When I removed the corresponding line (ifconfig_tap0=“ether 00:50:56:01:69:98”), everything started to work…

For reference, my full config is documented on the VirtualBox forum,.


Anyway, thanks to both of you for your help, and the link you provided which set me on the right path!

You rock, guys!

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