[SOLVED] Server stuck in stopping state more than 17 hours


You wrote message: “Due to an issue with the physical server that hosts your instance,we are going to migrate your instance to a new hypervisor on 2020-03-05 08:00 CET.” also in email you wrote “if the maintenance date does not suit you, you can perform the migration yourself by powering off, then powering on your instance before our intervention. At restart, it will be located on another physical server with no immediate maintenance need.”.
I’m trying to stop server and it stuck in “stopping” state. In this state is not possible to get snapshots of storage. I need at least data from the storage.
Ticket: #RYVY-4864-XDVR


Server moved to archived state in 24 hours. After that successfully started.


I always have these problems, taking many hours to stop or file.

This is not good, it is not acceptable !!!