[SOLVED] - Server locked



So today I received an email about a spam concern saying I’m spamming. I recently created a website for my second year masters degree and my colleagues. To have a space where we can exchange information and help each other.

The site is not at all operational yet. It has 7 members so far and we use elasticmail to deal with the validation emails.

I would like to know what is happening…


Could you open a ticket? https://console.online.net/en/assistance/index


I already did open a ticket and answer to the complaint I got. But I am still lost about what happened.


Have you checked if your server is secured against attacks? Maybe someone has abused your mail server if it is not secured enough.


I don’t have an email server. I use elasticmail only for activation email and newsletter. That’s why I am puzzled.


Anyway it is unlocked by now. But I’m still puzzled by this, it’s the first time I’m creating a website and I didn’t understand the complain