[SOLVED] Problem with Baremetal Server


Hello everbody,

I have a Problem with a Baremetal Server: For 2 days i have make a update of CentOS over ssh command. After it a reboot command over ssh.

After reboot no repsonse more from Server! 2 days now offline… and scaleway cant say why? only i must wait…

Baremetal C2L product

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#CDSV-2755-OPYK 2 days ago

2 days ago … we go now to 3 days!

3 days a Webshared Webhosting Server down. thisis really hard! All customers calls me and all are angry,


Do you see anything in the console window if you force a reboot from the control panel? That’s assuming you are using a browser where the console terminal window actually works - it is broken for various browsers right now. Apparently the “concerned team” would get back to me “quickly” but that’s scaleway’s definition of quickly - which appears to mean “probably never” as there has been no further response for several days.


Yes i use Chrome or Firefox. Works fine. I see reboot buton! I have make 20 x reboots! But nothing. I have reboot it in rescue mode! But nothing. Termin Windows dont work… scaleway says they have problems with terminal console window…

I have set the server off with the button! Server is Off i have start a backup! And i see now over 1 days creating a snaapshoot!

its 100% problem from scaleway side!

Its a Horror! All websites of my clients are offline and no email connection… business clients… its a horror!!!

here a screenshoot:



It is possible there was some useful info in the “serial” console window but you couldn’t see it because of a current scaleway bug stopping the console terminal window from working in various situations. Now that you are stuck creating a snapshot you can’t do much but await scaleway response.

I always keep tested snapshots ready to start new servers and offsite daily data backups (better than daily if you process say sales transactions!) ready to be restored on either scaleway or other providers if all else fails. That’s sadly the only way to use scaleway if you need uptime reasonably guaranteed.

Coincidence or otherwise the disastrous fall in scaleway support’s ability fo fix things and respond in here corresponded exactly with their most senior technical guy leaving the company. And that’s why I get the impression the wrong person left.


This appears to be Scaleway management thought process

Q : “We get bad publicity from this forum, how can we fix it?”

A: “Most of the reported problems are quite easy to respond to and fix and we should allocate a small amount of extra resources because it is public facing”.

Scaleway/Dilbert PHB Response: “If they complain too much just delete their accounts and sack anyone responding to the complaints!”


:frowning: i am so angry!! no repsonse… change to Business Plan! But nothing…


There use to be someone on here that pointed out that upgrading the account in his exerience just got a useless response faster. Apparently they solved that by deleting his account and all his previous comments in this support forum.

Maybe they’ll do that to me…


Do you think that will help me to get my server online again?

My server does not start all at once

And just like a Snaapshoot which is currently at 2 days and not finished

I have lots of Webhosting Clients and i donthave a Server backup!! its realy critical!!



Be sure they are reading this and doing nothing. If you can’t find a way of working with scaleway’s total lack of proper user support then go elsewhere. I wish that wasn’t the case but it is. Yes the price is good but the pain when things go wrong is intense,


But no Backup! This is hard damage… i think there have a Volume / DSSD Damage???

Can i open a terminal console with another solution like the terminal window what not work?

Did i must use then a lawyer for this problem?


Spam posts in here vanish quickly - Scaleway staff monitor 24 x 7. It seems deleting spam has a much higher priority than helping paying customers.

I’m sorry I can’t be more helpful other than to suggest you find another provider.

Hopefully this thread gets you a support response but I wouldn’t count on it.



4 am and no repsonse… the first time that i must wait so long for support. and i pay for this… i can not understand this is illigal…


5 am no replay… 3 days no help… we goes to 4 days…


6:30 am no help. no sleep


7:30 am no answer! Server down! i am waiting … waiting… all night but nothing… now day beginns and clients call me why webhosting sites dont Online… ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


9:44 am no answer! No support!


10:35 am no answer! no support! i have open a new ticket because of the long wait time here the answer:


thank you for this ticket.

You need to know, open multiple tickets for one problem is slowing our process.

We will answer you directly in your first ticket, our engineers are notified again to come back to you as soon as possible.

I’m totally available if you need further informations.
Do not hesitate to contact us in the future if you have any questions.

LOL =" You need to know, open multiple tickets for one problem is slowing our process."

slowing our process.= i wait with 1 ticket now 4 days without support…


I see the problem is marked as “solved”.
What did Scaleway say ?


The most common and by far the best solution is to move away from scaleway / onlinet.net.

Sometimes if you are lucky, they replace the defective hardware after a few days / weeks. But your data is most certainly lost, due to unusable backups.

They always say: the issue was fixed, or some other prewritten text.

@hogweed23 maybe he is reading everything all along.



Did you know good alternative to online.net?