[SOLVED] Implement hot snapshots


+1 for this feature. It will be very usefull.


Yes, we need this its very useful and important…


+1 for this feature!


+1 possibility to do quick snapshot is vital.


+1 live snapshot is essential to serious server usage and serious data security.


+1000 for this feature!


+1 I have to wait between 2 - 24 hours for my C1 to archive before making a snapshot. That’s just useless.

Body is too similar to what you recently posted


Any progress on this?


I’ve just switched to Linode because of this.

While Linode is 4-8x more expensive, the lack of disk snapshots here means I have to set up backups myself and that would cost more in terms of my own time than the price difference.

A shame, because I really like the RAM-CPU balance and the pricing of Scaleway.


+1 for hot snapshots


Totally agree with @glebm point.

If Scaleway wants to get into next level for production segment then this is a must feature. :+1:


+1 for hot snapshots.


+1 for hot snapshots


+1 for hot snapshots, i would consider this a must have in any modern cloud based solution, and in hindsight i should have checked this was available before signing up - had i have done so i wouldnt have considered ScaleWay for my solution.

It is unrealistic to shut a server down, wait 20+ minutes for the data to archive before being able to take a snapshot, boot the server back up, at which point a new LAN IP has been assigned, re-read the IP into Plesk, reconfigure all Plesk domains with the new IP and rebuild the Nginx configuration just to get back online after a backup.

That is a very painful experience, and I should be doing that periodically


+1 for hot snapshots


+1 for hot snapchots


It’s amazing watching new users come in and ask for things like hot snapshots and SIS back etc.

It’s quite simple. New features never get added (with the exception of 2FA eventually after a couple of years). Existing features may be removed at any time or existing Scaleway provided images may break as you update and/or remain at ancient versions. Network capacity issues can remain unresolved for months. That’s just the way Scaleway works.

Sad because if everything worked reliably and software development of user requested features actually happened they would be unbeatable.

Apart from new server types almost nothing has changed since they launched the Online Labs Beta (before they had the Scaleway name) service years ago.

This particular thread is three years old.


I agree with you ! (Need 20 chars)


My two theories are they either got rid of the staff who created the Online Labs Beta/Scaleway service in the first place or they’ve been instructed to make no improvements because they can’t handle the demand.

I took part in the free beta test and thought they had incredible promise - if that’s what they launched with they obviously had some really good staff. But nothing has really changed software architecture-wise since then.

No proper IPV6
No flexible network file systems
No Backup storage
No proper snaphsots
Russian Roulette when you shutdown/restart servers
No specialised database servers
No private networks or even sticky local IPs
No technical staff helping out in the support forum anymore.
No ongoing support of existing images.
A payment system which randomly rejects valid cards.

I could go on.

Come on Scaleway - do you plan to challenge the likes of AWS or just fade away into history?

If Online.net want Scaleway to just slowly die come clean and let us know.


unfortunately, I came to the same conclusion. There is no more development at Scaleway. Not a single suggestion (except buggy 2 factor auth) has been accomplished.

Please shed some light on all the issues @edouard and let us know what the future of scaleway will be.
I already only host dev environments here.

Will there by any future for scaleway at all?