[SOLVED] Implement hot snapshots



I wish to view the function to create hot snapshots (without rebooting), it’s not very pratical to have to reboot server.

Some people want this function too ?




Because we do not use virtualization, providing hot snapshots is a real technical challenge. I don’t think it will be implemented in a near future, however, we’re very interested by knowing who of our users need the feature. Depending on the demand, our roadmap can change!

So, feel free to +1 the post if hot snapshots are important to you.


+1 for the feature, would make a nice feature for full server backups rather than using something like R1 soft.


+1, same as @ollietrex.


+1 hot snapshots is really convenient please implement it


+1, this is key feature


Hello ollietrex,
Have you manage to use R1 soft to get automatic backup ?


+1 for the feature as well!


+1 That MUST be implemented !


The key reason why it has to be implemented is a risk of getting a server down for too long.

I.e. there is a lack of C2L servers capacity, so every time I turn down my instance I’m risking that I will not be able to turn it back up in a timely manner and being stuck at ‘allocating instance’ for hours because someone else took my instance while I was making my snapshot…


+1 for hot snapshots, at least on the virtualised instances.


+1 It’s could be a great news if we had a hot snapshot system !


So true … Wait & see now


+1 for this feature!


+1 for this feature !


+1 for this feature !


+1 for this feature!


Any sign of progress on this feature? It would be really helpful!


+1 for this feature, I would love to be able to do hot snapshots!


I’d also love to have this feature.