[SOLVED] - Are proxies allowed? also how can i set them up in windows?


hi i would like to know if online.net allows to use their IPs as proxies. i’ve ordered 10 failover IPs and putted them in windows but now i don’t know how to use them as proxies


I believe, like with many other providers, the company will not care about how you pass traffic through your services, as long as that traffic will not cause any legal problems to them, otherwise, they’ll ask you to stop.

As to how you can set it up, it depends on what you need. An http proxy? You can lookup squid and its configuration. A VPN would be better for today though, and it can either be natively set up using no programs (google for guides, vpn server on windows), or you can use one of the many available programs. You can also use some software that include VPN in their packages, like teamviewer and logmein. Eventually, it’s up to you to decide what kind of proxying you’re looking for.


yes im aware of squid and 3proxy but to be honest it didn’t work out for me after seeing tutorials
for both plus i’m a newbie with linux OS
so i was wondering how i could do it in windows


If I remember correctly, nginx is available on Windows and can be used as a forward proxy. Otherwise, I would suggest you to look at how to setup a forward proxy with nginx on a Linux machine.