[SOLVED] subnet blocked in Russia


Made a new test. In my case it’s not so good. My ISP blocks the IP completely, all ports are blocked, including SSH.


Seems like online.net subnet has been unblocked.


Yes, I confirm that! According to the official notice it has been unblocked on the 8th of June.


I run cjdns on my servers with peers in many countries/continents. This allows access (through the global cjdns IP6 mesh VPN) to the server despite such IP outages. This doesn’t help if you have web pages you want Russian customers to access - but it preserves your access to the server (and knowlegeable customers can access web pages via Cjdns). Cjdns nodes are untrusted in that they only see encrypted packets. They can monitor levels of “chatter”, but can’t easily read the traffic. Using Cjdns will let other nodes use part of your bandwidth (which you can monitor). If it is for admin access only, you can limit the bandwidth used via tc (traffic control) - assuming you have bare metal or a full VM (i.e. not a container).

Cjdns packages are available in CentOS EPEL and in Fedora. For other OS, https://github.com/cjdelisle/cjdns