Snapshot restore process 4 newbie


Hello everyone, I am not a specialist and I have a little trouble understanding the difference between Snapshot and Image and the recovery procedure of a backup.

2 days ago, I wanted to upgrade my Debian Jessie to Stretch and it really messed up. Apache in bulk, php not better etc etc … in short ; inaccessible sites …

I see that I have a snapshot a little old and also an Image from April 2019. So I tell myself that I could reinstall my old debian jessie.

Except I am not sure I understand the procedure indicated by the scaleway documentation. Apparently it would be necessary to create a new server, then to choose my last image?

But when I start the procedure
, the type of server suggested tells me that those identical to my current is out of stock.

I am a little lost Thank you for your help and your clarifications.