SMTP ports blocked, to unblock, unable to connect with support due to 500 error


I need SMTP port 587 to send email verifications to my users, but port 587 is blocked by default. To unblock I have to have a trusted account, to get trusted I need to contact with support. Apparently, support system itself needs support.



That’s kinda strange, we have not been experiencing any particular issue regarding ticket creation recently.

Is there any chance you can retrieve the failing call through your web browser console logs ?
You may be able to see the call using right click -> “Inspect”, then selecting the “Network” tab before accessing the Support page.
I would also suggest using Anonymous mode on your web browser, you may have a different behavior.

Feel free to let us know if you have any question !

Mehdi M.
Customer Success Specialist


Hi Mehdi M.
I tried to use Anonymous mode, no luck. Please, fix this issue ASAP, otherwise I can’t contact with you. I am attaching a screenshot of an error:


I hope you have error logs to check what happened



Can you please DM me the email address you used on your account and/or your user ID ?
We will look into it asap.

Mehdi M.
Customer Success Specialist