SlickStack vs Runcloud on Scaleway servers?


Hello if I want to run several high traffic WordPress sites on Nginx (LEMP stacks) I saw that Scaleway is offering ARM servers, is that recommended or just normal KVM CPU for that is enough…

And is it worth paying money to “control panels” like Runcloud, ServerPilot and stuff to manage your various VMs on the Scaleway cloud in your guys opinion? Will they support ARM processors or not? Does Scaleway have its own LEMP server configuration available as I don’t see one??

SlickStack is discussed on Reddit for a free bash script to setup LEMP with Ubuntu if you are running WordPress sites only… anyone here tried this on the Scaleway servers? From my understanding the latest versions of EasyEngine are requiring Docker containers.

Any one-click for SlickStack (etc) or LEMP being planned in future for easy WP sites installation?