Server network suspending frequently because of dhcp request


I have a server with and it is getting locked again and again for too many dhcp requests, I am not sure, as all I am running on it is VM servers.

I have over 15-20servers with different provider like hetzner, but I never face this issue over there, can I get some help regarding this?

Error - err-disabled dhcp-rate-limit (given by support)

I am using virtualizor and running windows and Linux VM.

Also I have removed dhcp too using apt remove isc-dhcp-server.

Any help? I am facing this issue for past 3yrs, before that it used to work fine.

Software -



I know the issue pretty well, we should be able to figure it out :wink:
Can you send me your server ID by private message please? :slight_smile:


PMd. Can you help here as well?


Yes of course!
Most of the time, we are auto banning clients going over 60 DHCP requests per minutes per IP.
As I told you in PM, you are way under this limit so I do not understand your issue.
Do not hesitate to re up your message if the issue ever happen again :slight_smile:


j’ai le meme problème, voici le message: Cher h€berg€,

Le quota de votre base de donn€es db345760_mineraux_shop_72 est depass€.

Cette DB est li€e au domaine, sur votre compte online mineraux72.
Le login administrateur de cette base est “db345760_mineraux_shop_72”.

Le message d’erreur est le suivant:
La table mstln_options.frm fait 1328 Mo.
Attention: Le nom des tables peut-etre approximatif, correspondant au nom du fichier sous-jacent.

Les op€rations suivantes sont d€sormais temporairement d€sactiv€es:

  • CREATE (pour cr€er une table)

Afin de recouvrir tous les droits sur votre base, nous vous invitons €
faire le necessaire pour revenir dans les limites autoris€es du quota SQL.

Pour rappel, vous trouverez la documentation concernant les quotas SQL € l’adresse suivante:


Le robot de calcul de quota d’


Hey mate, my post is about dedibox and not SQL, i think you will get help for SQL in

Give a post there. They might be able to help there.

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ok merci de ton conseil