Serial console does not work on C1?


I activated a C1 instance yesterday (Ubuntu), I have ssh access to it and it works, but I have never been able to use the serial console on the server’s admin page (nor seen anything printed to it)…

Is there something I’ve missed, that’s needed to activate it ?



I just found the message about the new management interface, and tried it out.

The new “serial console” now opens in a separate window, which is a good idea.

But same as with the old one, it stays empty and doesn’t respond to keyboard input.

Is this the case with all bare metal instances, or just me being dumb ?


I also rent a C1. Same problem with old and new interface.


Is the console window working for anyone on any machine at the moment? I can’t connect via the console to any of my servers. Even if I reboot a server I see nothing on the console. Has always worked when I’ve needed to use it before.

I’ve tried both the old and new console and they are both dead. The servers themselves are running.


Seems the problem occurs using Firefox at least. Scaleway (or Mozilla) seem to have recently broken the console in Firefox. I just tried Chrome and find it works for me there but not with Firefox.


Same here, Firefox 73 on Window 7 - console opens, resizes but is then unresponsive to input and does not display output, e.g. from running date > /dev/console on an ssh connection. I can’t see any errors in the Firefox dev tools.
In Chrome 79, within a second of hitting Enter, the console login prompt appears.


The TTY console window has stopped working for me too. I normally use Firefox, but have just tried Chrome and Safari too and none of them work!



I just checked the console and it works for me, can you please open a support ticket and provide your instance ID so we can check the issue?