Scaleway does not allow to use PayPal for their existing users


Hey, dear community
Here I will again write how inflexible and unfriendly the company is towards their users. Even simple operations are not available and are not permitted. While other hosting providers allow to do that easily, Scaleway does not and it sounds very rude. Here’s another case of mine! Have a pleasant reading!

I changed the country of residence and I wanted to update my profile, but that’s not possible at all, in this case registration of a new account is the only solution. Ok, but then I need to move my server from one account to another - that’s not possible, too. Just create a new account, and move the data manually. Of course it’s troublesome, but possible. Besides I loose IP address (it’s not possible to save it for your second account), the server hardware (new models of servers are different).

Ok, I have the backups and ready to move. Now what? They say that the new account is not eligible for PayPal payment: I need to pay for 3 months by card, and after that they will consider if I’m eligible for PayPal payment. The fact that I have another account which is active for many years and where I pay by PayPal are just ignored by the support. They still think I’m not a trustworthy client, or better to say they just don’t care about their clients.

Currently having all the backups on my hands, does Scaleway really thinks that such client is glued to their service? While I’m ready to move, I can move not just to another Scaleway account, I can move outside to another hosting company.


Scaleway at it’s best, just as usual :smiley:

How can it be that you are still here? There are plenty of good hosters which cost quite the same out there.


Hello @Ramil_Valitov,

I am sorry to hear that you were not satisfied with the treatment of your issue. I have escalated your case and you will be able to order with PayPal from your new account now.
Again I am very sorry for this inconvenience and remain at your entire disposal if you have any other question about our services.

Kind regards,


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Hello @bene
Thank you very much for paying attention to this issue. It seems that posting a problem here in the community is the only way to solve it. I’m glad that at least this channel of support via the forum works :+1:

Unfortunately, the PayPal still does not work, and I updated the ticket.

Well, it seems I still have some belief that there are people in Online that do care and they read this forum. May be they have a problem with their HR department (that is a common situation in France) that does not hire the people they need :thinking:

Well, anyway, to speak about the facts. I almost never had problems with Online (dedicated servers), so it has been a good service. I had problems with Scaleway part only. You said that there are other hosters with the same prices and better quality, can you please share your experience to me in a private message?


Good news community. My issues have been solved. I think I need to thank @bene, otherwise my issue wouldn’t be solved!

Some other news I knew while we were working on this issue:

  1. It’s impossible to use the same PayPal account for different accounts inside Online
  2. It’s impossible to unlink or modify your PayPal account in the settings of Online. Only administration of Online can help you with that.