Scaleway Buckets


Since I did not get any answer on my several bucket questions (twitter and here) I am going to ask again:

What about buckets?

There ist still the information they are scaling, approx. for about 2 years now. What’s the plan here? Are they deprecated?


Hi Sven :slight_smile: !

Our object storage platform is limited to a restricted number of users for a while now. You’re quite right, our communication wasn’t effective about this service and we are sorry for that. Bring back SIS to public is one of our highest priorities, we’re currently working on it. The product should be back on track in a few months :raised_hands:. We would love to have your feedback on the product once we will open it.

Have a nice day!


It still isn’t. It’s nice to hear you’re working on it, but that’s not much different from previous statements.

@gentlemon I wouldn’t count on them ever becoming available. Also asking about it seems to be an exercise in futility. It’s sad, but it’s true.


Where is the previous message?

When will bucket be available since its first prioritiy?