Scaleway Application iOS - Scaleway Manager


Hi everyone!

I’m happy to present you Scaleway Manager, an application that I developped which use Scaleway API to allow you to start/stop/terminate… all of your servers on your iPhone/iPad!

As Scaleway is based on Time = Money, I had the idea to develop an application to start/stop servers faster and without connecting to your account every times.

Here you can see some screenshots:

The application is available on the App Store for Free and without ads:

If you have any question about it I would be happy to answer you here :slight_smile:


Cool :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey Frost,

That’s awesome, congratulation ! :slight_smile:




For Android.


Unofficial App. What is the danger of sending my password?


what a waste of time.


is it open source, if not can you make it ?


Sorry for being super late!

@ThyTe @tsouhaieb Yes the application is Open Source and is available there:
So you can check that your data stay safe :wink: