RPN SAN HA and performances


Hi there.
I’m starting to use RPN SAN to host some VM. I’ve prototyped it using small servers (with only 1Gbps RPNv2 interfaces) and Basic SAN. It did work great, with decent performance. But Now that I’m upgrading to HA SAN (HDD, not SSD), I see very low write performances. With Basic SAN, I can nearly saturate my 1Gbps link in both direction, no problem. But with HA SAN, write can’t go above ~400Mbps (~50MB/s). Read is OK thought.
I can’t believe anybody can push something in production with such low performances. I’ve asked the support, but they were very unhelpful, and as anwser I just got a “SAN is working fine, we don’t guarantee performances”.

I had in project to upgrade the servers to something more serious, including 10Gbps RPNv2 NIC, but this won’t be any useful until I sort this perf bottleneck out.

So, is anyone here using RPN SAN HA in production ? To host VM ? What perf are you seeing ? Why would the HA so slow compared to the Basic SAN ?


Hi @dani,

Can you send me the SAN SSD that is involved so that we can look in detail what could be problematic.

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It’s against san-hdd-20.rpn.online.net (IQN suffix 23t8hgrpkv99). Accessed from PRO-6-S servers in DC5, through a RPNv1 compatibility group.

Thanks :slight_smile: