Reverse DNS of IPv6


Please, allow us to edit the reverse DNS of our IPv6.


“The IPv6 is tied to the physical server or to the slot of your VPS. This means that your IPv6 will change if you stop your server. We’re already working on new options to let you migrate your IPv6 between your servers.”

This is taken from:


It’s the same at DigitalOcean or Vultr, and we can change the reverse DNS of IPv6.


Is there any ETA for IPv6 reverse DNS ?
It is really needed for email server…


Any update about how the IPv6 reverse DNS support is progressing?


At the moment it appears that there is no IPv6 reverse DNS for a server I have in the Amsterdam data centre. Attempting to send mail from that server to a well-configured mailserver results in the mail being rejected: “550 non-existent reverse DNS entry for …”

Clearly this is a fairly major shortcoming: it means that it’s not possible to send mail over IPv6 from a Scaleway server!

At this point, configurable reverse DNS isn’t necessarily required, just any reverse DNS!


Here another customer wants reverse DNS for IPv6 address.