[RESOLVED] Server stuck on "stopping" for 10+ hours


Hello sirs,

Today around 13:00 our server got crashed. It didn’t respond any HTTP request neither would let any SSH access. I then powered it off from the panel (no other option).
Since that moment the server is in “stapping” status and i can’t power it on or off. My business is completely down now for more than 10h. Support responded quickly (at 15:00) to tell me the issue was being escalated, but then i heard nothing else from them and it’s now almost midnight.

I expect someone to inform me about the status of my server ASAP. I’ll check the SLAs and take any legal actions otherwise.

Sorry to post this message here but noone answered my support requests in 7h

Best regards.


Hello Ivan,

I just checked it with my colleagues, and they informed me that your issue has been resolved.
I am sorry for the delay you experienced.

Kind regards,


The exact same thing happened to me today, Non responsive server and had no option but to reboot, Server stuck at “Stopping” contacted support but no reply as of yet and been offline for at least 3 hours so far and still showing “Stopping”.


Same problem to me. But 13 times on my instance.


Hello @mateus,

I am sorry to hear that you have an issue with your instance. Have you opened a support ticket about it?