[RESOLVED] My server is shut down by you and is not starting


This is the SECOND time I am loosing my data and clients on production servers. I need you immediate attention.

I already trying to launch 2 more servers with snapshots/images form yesterday/today. But they didn’t! No logs, no ping, just didn’t start and that all.

You’ve wrote this:

" During this maintenance, your server will be powered off, then powered on on another physical server. This operation will cause a downtime of a few minutes to an hour, depending on the size of your local storage. The public IPv4 will not change at migration, but the private IPv4 and the IPv6 will be modified due to technical limitations.

No specific actions are required on your side. However, if the maintenance date does not suit you, you can perform the migration yourself by powering off, then powering on your instance before our intervention . At restart, it will be located on another physical server with no immediate maintenance need."

BUT! your server didn’t start till now, it didn’t launches, you didn’t yet respond, I tried launching server (2) with different snapshots but they didn’t start. How can I respect and and use your services any more? I have 50.000 of PAYING clients on my machine right now.

Ticket #LKBX-2005-CIEB - Server maintanance

Take a look also on this ticket (you’ve already made me troubles 4 month ago):

Ticket #ZMVS-6375-BURG - server unavialable



My colleagues have informed me that they have investigated the issue and that your instances are available again. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused by this issue.