[RESOLVED] Cloud Mutu down several times... URGENT 😡


Ticket n°827176, for the second time in one month, my entire cloud mutu is DOWN and affect every websites and mail, i lost many client !
From 24h i have this problem and nothing writed into https://status.scaleway.com
Support is too long, i need now a solution and it’s your own responsability !


Hello @josse34,

I am sorry to hear that you have had an issue with your cloud hosting.

Our teams were working on restoring your data, which took longer than expected. Your cloud hosting is available again, and your sites are working now. I am sorry for the delay in the treatment of your issue, and we are actively working to improve these delays.
Do not hesitate to come back to us directly in the ticket for any further question you might have.



Thanks but could you explain the delay ? More than 100hours of indisponibility… Scaleway don’t work the weekend right? How about your SLA of 99,9%, it’s a lie right?!
What was the problem???