Request : Mastodon


Hi all :slight_smile:

I’m here to talk about Mastodon. As they say on the project page :

Mastodon is a free, open-source social network server. A decentralized solution to commercial platforms, it avoids the risks of a single company monopolizing your communication. Anyone can run Mastodon and participate in the social network seamlessly.
An alternative implementation of the GNU social project. Based on ActivityStreams, Webfinger, PubsubHubbub and Salmon.

Ruby on Rails is used for the back-end, while React.js and Redux are used for the dynamic front-end.

The main Mastodon Instance is getting loads and loads of new signups and won’t be able to cope alone… so it might be a good idea to allow people to simply set up Mastodon instances and get their own communities up and running easily.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Thanks for this great suggestion. Is the back-end of Mastodon