Request: Flynn (or Tsuru (or Dokku))


Flynn deploys apps, scales apps, and manages databases with automatic failover. This would be a perfect cloud platform to run on Scaleway. Imagine, with just 3 Scaleway servers totalling only €9/month you could have your own private cloud with an interface like Heroku that is resilient to failures. If a server breaks the other 2 pick up the slack, even with a hot failover database for potentially zero downtime. Unfortunately it’s Ubuntu x64 only, I don’t know how hard it would be to get running on Scaleway but I’ve opened issue#1965 on it.

Tsuru looks like the same idea as Flynn though perhaps not quite as simple. It has the same Ubuntu x64 requirement as Flynn but if it would be any easier to get working that’s another option. Opened an issue#1295 there too.

Dokku is a mini Heroku clone but not distributed or resilient. So I’d rather have Flynn but Dokku is nice too and I currently use it on DigitalOcean. Same requirements, there was already an issue#1393.

I’m not sure if I’m asking for an InstantApp, Docker image or Deb, but any easy way to run one of these on Scaleway would be a dream come true for affordable, simple, redundant personal cloud.


Indeed a great idea, we currently use our CoreOS-clone image for kind of the same purpose but not as easy as those three.


Dokku or Flynn would be awesome indeed! +1


+1, I’d love to run Flynn on a Scaleway cluster of servers.


Someone managed to get flynn working on scaleway, see this comment


what disk size to you use to run Flynn?
I think the zfs pool needs something like 50 to 100 Gb to be stable?